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Ceramics studio firing up inner-artists

Publication date 19 October 2021 | 20:49 | ICT

Most people, even those with no apparent artistic talent or ability, have the urge to create something with their own hands at some point or another. It could be a souvenir, a personal token or a gift for a loved one.



  • Frida Kahlo exhibition brings work to life

    With larger-than-life projections of her work, music and journal extracts, a new exhibition aims to bring Mexican surrealist Frida Kahlo’s paintings to life to mark the 114th anniversary of her birth.

  • Imaginary deaths, real grief: Thai artist, fans honour anime heroes

    Portraits of dozens of anime characters, each with a small altar for fans to leave flowers, adorn the wall of a Bangkok gallery – a tribute to fictional heroes who met an untimely death.

  • From tattoos to tokens at Tokyo’s 1st physical blockchain art exhibition

    Tokyo tattoo artist Ichi Hatano’s usual business has dwindled during the pandemic, but now he’s keen to mine a new stream of income at Japan’s first crypto art exhibition.

  • Contemporary artist Nak Noy shines

    Cambodia’s contemporary arts scene is flourishing with the growing presence of a legion of talented artists – some of them self-taught and having braved years of struggle to gain acknowledgment of their work.

  • Graines de Cambodge seeds world with beauty

    While glittery accessories made of precious metals and gemstones need to have those expensive materials mined from the Earth, Siem Reap based Graines de Cambodge instead uses a variety of seeds harvested from plants to create jewelry that is sustainable, ethical and makes a green fashion statement.

  • Greek ‘neo-muralist’ draws on mythology to depict how pandemic has affected people

    An Athenian “neo-muralist” is blending Greek mythology and Byzantine iconography with graffiti and street art to depict how the coronavirus has forced people the world over to put down roots.

  • From bullets to bangles: Artisans make jewellery from war remnants

    In the craft alley of Wat Bo Road located in a part of downtown Siem Reap that was once bustling with tourists, a social enterprise workshop employs local craftsmen who are turning used bullet shells into modern jewellery under the name Chan Alanka.

  • Penh Art Fair 2021 now at FT Gallery

    The Penh Art Fair 2021 has officially kicked-off at FT Gallery, with the soft opening held in early June. This year’s fair showcases around 100 works from 36 local and international artists.

  • Bids on Mona Lisa replica set to raise up to $365,000 in Paris sale

    A replica of the Mona Lisa which was passionately defended by its owner in the 1960s as the original Leonardo de Vinci canvas is to go on sale this week in Paris, where it is expected to raise up to €300,000 ($365,000).

  • NYC artist gives away pics via treasure hunt

    Filmmaker Zack Obid trembles with excitement: he has just found a miniature work of art during a treasure hunt that an American artist organizes every week in his Brooklyn neighbourhood.