Consuming hygienic, good-quality pork brings health benefits, but a lot of pork products sold on the market, particularly the traditional market, do not guarantee the highest levels of cleanliness.

And while some are imported, the quality of imported products is unlike that of fresh meat.

To address this, CP Cambodia has introduced standardised fresh pork from hygienic shops to the traditional Cambodian market.

The freshest pork is produced at the new state-of-the-art CP food processing factory in Kampot province, which features modern technology and the highest standards of hygiene, processing, animal welfare and quality assurance, with quality control by specialists.

The establishment of the facility sees the leading agro-industrial and food conglomerate further raise the standards of food production in the Kingdom, with its focus on the highest levels of hygiene, quality and safety for the Cambodian people.

Ieng Chantha, department manager at the CP Food processing factory in Kampot. PHOTO SUPPLIED

Ieng Chantha, department manager at the CP Food processing factory in Kampot, said CP Cambodia strictly adheres to three principles to ensure the freshest and highest quality meat for customers.

1. Pigs from standardised farms: Good pork starts with breed selection for healthiness and high disease resistance, and extends to best animal husbandry practices and veterinarian consultant services, with high-standard evaporative cooling systems and environmental management.

2. Pork from standardised food processing: The key to the freshest meat is hygienic and standardised processing, including keeping the products chilled to a temperature of 0-4 degree Celsius to reduce the growth of bacteria and maintain meat quality.

3. Service with standardised management: Quality assurance and quality control, as well as consulting services, are provided by well-trained CP staff who are ready to solve all customers’ problems.

“Customers can be confident in the quality of CP pork, which is fresh from the factory to the consumer,” Chantha said.

CP selects pig breeds for healthiness, with the best animal husbandry practices employed. PHOTO SUPPLIED

Nget Phuong Malis and Leng Houy, CP pork wholesalers at Sihanoukville’s Phsar Leu market, said they sell pork from CP pig half carcasses because the meat is fresh, with temperature control and direct delivery from the factory to their shop.

Furthermore, CP staff also provide technical services and impart knowledge regarding the cutting of the meat, shop design, marketing and customer service.

Customers Lim Sophal, a chef, Thai Yean Yean, who owns a restaurant, and Ren Tharith said they choose CP pork because the meat is good quality and hygienic. In addition, food cooked from CP pork is more delicious – something they say is confirmed by customers.

The new state-of-the-art CP food processing factory in Kampot province. PHOTO SUPPLIED

With strong support from the government, CP plans to expand its standardised food processing to Siem Reap and Battambang, and then to every province in the Kingdom, for the Cambodian people.

CPF holds the vision of being the “Kitchen of the World”, with businesses working in three main categories – “feed, farm and food”, covering animal feed production, animal farming and food production with social and environmental responsibility, and a focus on sustainable development.

Those interested in becoming CP pork wholesalers should call 096 434 6776 for further details, while anyone wishing to buy CP pork retail can contact 093 535 535.