Ministry of Justice secretary of state Chiv Songhak explained why a commercial court is now necessary in Cambodia.

He said an increase in international trade and investment – born from peace and stability – meant there was more likelihood of commercial conflicts arising. These would require a transparent, neutral and unbiased court system, or non-judicial mechanism to settle.

Speaking at AmCham-organized workshop on ‘Law Conclave” Important Business Law Update for the Business community held in Phnom Penh on February 2, Songhak said the commercial court, which is expected to function in 2024, will solve these disputes.

Songhak said a February workshop provided more input to the committee tasked with preparing the establishment of the commercial court.

Ly Tayseng, adviser to the Ministry of Justice, and the executive director of HBS law group, also attended the workshop. He said that more work – such as infrastructure - need to be completed before the court could begin to function.