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In China’s Himalayas, a fine wine ‘flying above the clouds’

Publication date 15 November 2018 | 11:24 | ICT

ONE $300 bottle of wine sold in the US and Europe is made in the unlikeliest of places: at the foot of the Himalayas in China, where farmers sing traditional songs while picking grapes.



  • Mixing ‘spicy’ cocktails with fresh local ingredients

    Publication date 02 November 2018 | 09:27 | ICT

    In the famous Pub Street in downtown Siem Reap, one can sample everything from bedpan cocktails and cheap beers at the bars which compete with carts selling alcoholic beverages.

  • A sip of wine on The Moon in SR

    Publication date 26 October 2018 | 13:06 | ICT

    As the sun goes down and the moon takes its turn, patrons flock to The Moon Sky Bar in Siem Reap, one of the main entertainment spots in town.

  • South Africa divers risk all to poach marine delicacies for China diners

    Publication date 24 October 2018 | 11:01 | ICT

    ONE Saturday night in August, Deurick van Blerk, 26, climbed into his small boat off the coast of Cape Town on another of his illegal fishing expeditions. He never returned.

  • Blue wine? A startup in Spain shakes things up

    Publication date 18 October 2018 | 10:14 | ICT

    Five years ago, a group of university students in Spain’s Basque Country decided they wanted to shake up a sector – any sector – but preferably one to do with food or drink.

  • Enjoy a tall latte surrounded by the flavours of 16th century Cambodia

    Publication date 05 October 2018 | 09:09 | ICT

    As coffee begins to saturate the market in Phnom Penh and beyond, with many cafes shut down one after another, young entrepreneurs who are still passionate about the business are finding ways to attract customers.

  • Knights of the tripe: French food cults defend local fare

    Publication date 21 September 2018 | 14:16 | ICT

    ON A Saturday morning in September in the Normandy countryside a group of men and women gather for an ancient French initiation ceremony.

  • Get the taste of avocados all year in Mondulkiri

    Publication date 14 September 2018 | 11:13 | ICT

    Talll trees and green fields stretch toward the horizon in Mondulkiri province. With the advent of the rainy season, the showers feed and rejuvenate the scenic views.

  • Zoo Cafe, a happy place for guests and pets

    Publication date 31 August 2018 | 11:31 | ICT

    Coffee shops have been sprouting left, right and centre in the capital, but Zoo Cafe aims to bring an experience that is a little different than your typical corner java joint.

  • Whisky galore: Mao’s Bar serves up finest collection the capital offers

    Publication date 24 August 2018 | 08:58 | ICT

    It was some 20 years ago when a Frenchman from Corsica, Jean Pierre Franchi, first landed in Cambodia. Amazed at what he saw of the people’s resilience and a nation emerging from the Khmer Rouge genocide, he decided to stay on.

  • Sushi, sake and soy: star chef’s love affair

    Publication date 10 August 2018 | 13:55 | ICT

    Foie gras paired with wasabi, Japanese-style open kitchens and a fierce work ethic: Joel Robuchon, hailed as “chef of the century” on his death this week, drew great inspiration from Japan, where 10 establishments now bear his name.