While Angkor Hospital for Children steadfastly treats over 400 children each day, a young volunteer, Tiv Dararith, has embarked on a 9,000-kilometre cycling odyssey across Southeast Asia. His goal is to raise funds for this very hospital, extending an open invitation to the public to participate in this commendable effort.

Dararith’s journey is far more than an easy Sunday bike ride in the park. His path stretches across the full breadth of Southeast Asia, coursing through Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore. The young adventurer is hopeful that his intrepid ride will not only raise vital funds, but also generate much-needed awareness for Cambodian children suffering from cancer and other diseases. These children are currently receiving treatment at the Angkor Hospital for Children.

On July 24, as he pedalled his way between Thailand and Malaysia, Dararith checked in with The Post via Telegram. He shared that since the start of his philanthropic journey on May 31 in Phnom Penh, he’s covered about 5,000km, which is approximately 60 per cent of his planned route.

Adventure is in the blood for this young Cambodian man. Having engaged in adventure travel throughout remote parts of Cambodia, and attempted a bike ride to Thailand four years prior, Dararith is no stranger to thrill. Nevertheless, he admits that his current mission surpasses previous ventures in terms of challenges.

“I’ve ridden 5,000 km so far, changed the inner tube five times, swapped out two pairs of brake pads, repaired seven spokes, and switched another pair of tyres. I’m en route to Malaysia, with maybe three or four days to reach the border. It’s been problematic, but I’m glad to see the donations to the hospital continue,” he shared.

Embracing his social media persona, ‘Travel with Rith’, Dararith remains unfazed by the hurdles he encounters on the road. Despite falling ill, he remains committed to his goal.

“Numerous challenges have tested me on the road, including my bike breaking down and bouts of illness. Despite these obstacles, my determination to press on remains unshaken. The public’s keen interest and their ongoing donations bring me great joy. My hope is that even more individuals will come forward to contribute to the Angkor Hospital for Children,” he urged.

Sin Ket Arun, the head of fundraising for Angkor Hospital for Children in Siem Reap, acknowledged Dararith’s efforts with deep gratitude. She values his commitment to fundraise, especially now that he understands the hospital’s struggles in their mission to save the lives of Cambodian children.

“From the outset, his diligence has been remarkable,” Ket Arun noted.

“Yet, we are still seeking to increase the pace of public engagement, and there is much ground left to cover. Thus far, the funds raised amount to a bit more than $5,000. Our goal, however, is to reach $50,000 for the hospital,” she added.

The Angkor Hospital for Children is a non-profit organisation driven by a noble mission. Their goal is to enhance the healthcare provision for Cambodian children. For the past 20 years, they have provided compassionate, high-quality services to children across the nation, irrespective of their geographical location or financial capabilities.

Upon cycling through his designated countries, Dararith intends to make his way back to Siem Reap, marking the completion of his mission. The funds raised during his journey will be handed over to the management of the Angkor Hospital for Children.

This journey represents more than just a bike ride – it signifies a forward motion towards a more hopeful and healthy future for Cambodia’s children.