The 112th International Women’s Day on March 8 saw about 400 people donate blood to the National Blood Transfusion Centre (NBTC) in Phnom Penh, with more than 200 bags of the life-saving liquid collected.

NBTC president Sok Po said the March 8 “Donate Blood, Save Lives” drive was organised by Chip Mong Group and the Association of Banks in Cambodia (ABC). The campaign was designed to give hope to those in urgent need of blood.

“At least 300 to 400 participants volunteered to donate, and passed the health check to do so. Some would-be volunteers were denied the chance to give blood due to various health factors, including obesity or pre-existing conditions,” he told The Post on March 9, noting that donations will be accepted at 16 locations throughout March.

Po said one bag of blood is needed to save a life every six minutes in Cambodia. “Phnom Penh alone requires 250 to 300 bags per day.”

The blood bags that were collected on March 8 have all been distributed to public hospitals, where they will be used to save lives.

In Channy, president and group managing director of ACLEDA Bank Plc, said his employees at all levels were encouraged to participate in this year’s blood drive.

“They already volunteered to give blood five times, from 2012 until 2019. This valuable social work saves lives,” he said.

Channy said a total of 231 people, 77 of them women, donated blood in Phnom Penh this year.

“Across the provinces, a further 372 employees, 106 of them women, gave blood at provincial hospitals,” he added.