As schools remain closed amid the Covid-19 pandemic, more than 30 per cent of children have not been able to pursue distance learning due to a lack of study materials, internet access and electronic devices and therefore are in need of textbooks to learn at home, according to a study by World Vision.

Providing books to children in impoverished communities amid school closures is the correct response, it said in a press statement on June 11.

Joining World Vision to ease poor students' difficulties, Monument Book Store has donated 1,800 English books worth $10,800 for primary school level to children.

“This book donation for children in poor communities through World Vision is in part to support their distance learning,” said Monument Book Store managing director Meng Hieng.

Hieng said these books will help children improve their reading skill and get their parents involved in learning at home.

Prum Rithy, World Vision Cambodia’s senior technical official for education and reading, said his NGO will bring these books to children in need to help them continue their study at home.

He said these study material and books will be distributed to some 5,400 children in 10 poor communities in Phnom Penh.