The government issued an August 11 sub-decree which aims to increase the efficient management of electrical appliances and machinery.

The sub-decree sets out regulations for electrical goods through the implementation of standardisation rules, and the placing of energy efficiency note, as laid out in the National Energy Efficiency Policy.

Containing 10 chapters and 28 articles, the sub-decree outlines the scope of responsibility of the government’s institutions to ensure the energy efficiency of all electrical goods.

The sub-decree explains that based on the policy, each specific electrical item must adhere to safety standards, testing and quality, as well as energy efficiency levels. They are also required to include detailed instructions for standard operation.

The sub-decree tasks the Ministry of Mines and Energy with the management and promotion of the energy efficiency policy.

The Ministry of Industry, Science, Technology and Innovation is tasked with supporting the energy ministry with setting standard trials for targeted electric equipment

The energy ministry is also in charge of verifying and strengthening the enforcement of all laws and provisions, to ensure that the production of all electric goods in Cambodia comply with standardisation and energy efficiency labeling.

The Ministry of Commerce will support the energy ministry by enforcing the law, and ensuring that all electrical items on sale in the Kingdom meet legal standards.

The General Department of Customs and Excise of Cambodia will be responsible for inspecting all imported goods and ensuring that they too, comply with the new sub-decree.