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KR intelligence on CambodiaEdited excerpts...


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22 May 1998 | 07:00 ICT

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The following are edited excerpts of the "KR Papers", showing the political

thoughts of the top cadre in Anlong Veng's Khmer Rouge.

On Prince Norodom Ranariddh

"Ranariddh is the stooge of France and he fears Hun Sen because he has no


"Ranariddh runs to us for help because he does not have forces."

- Nuon Chea, 28 June 1997

King Norodom Sihanouk

"The King is crazy. He doesn't recognise his son but he recognises Hun Sen

who is a traitor."

- Ta Mok, 9 September 1997

"Sihanouk is the slave of the capitalists and feudalism."

- Ta Mok, 7 December 1997

Hun Sen

"Hun Sen is not building an economy like everyone else. Clearly he is doing

drug and marijuana trafficking.

"On the other hand he is trying all he can to beg for money from abroad for

running the elecion, mak[ing] sure that anyone who wants to join the elections has

10 million riel already in their pocket."

- Brother 49, 14 September 1997

The old days

"Hun Sen and Heng Samrin were my messengers and Chea Sim my student and

they were very lazy."

- Nuon Chea reminiscing about the 60s, 3 December 1997


"The deadly conflict is with the yuon enemy and its puppet. Yuon

invade and commit genocid[al] acts against Khmer. You are entitled to kill yuon,

you are not wrong."

- Nuon Chea, 28 June 1997

"We've seen the national conflict on policy and tactics of the yuon since

1930, to destroy Khmer territory and kill Khmer, then replace them with yuon


- Seng, director of the KR army school of politics, 18 December 1997

National United Front

"I mentioned this so that we will not count too much on the Front. They

need [a] water buffalo to go through the mud. The Prince needs power and the yuon

does not give him power.

"That's why he turns to us for power. Therefore we should not misunderstand

about the Front. The Front is only a transition to grab forces, not [for us] to die,

but to grab forces to fight the yuon."

- Tem, permanent committee member in charge of the army, 24 June 1997.

"Why set up the Front? Because the yuon is fighting, they do not hold

the election. Ranariddh does not have forces. Hun Sen has 90,000 troops while Ranariddh

has 15,000 troops which is not enough. That is why he needs the participation of

our forces.

"In short,the Front is a swindle."

- Nuon Chea, 28 June 1997.

"Joining the Front means survival - but survival for fighting."

- Sourn, the military commander for the Tropong Prasat zone, 28 June 1997.

The United States of America

"The United States Government hates us but the American people like us."

- Ta Mok, 9 September 1997

"The American journalist came to tell our people do not get angry with the Americans.

The Americans are so kind to the Khmer."

- Brother 49, 14 September 1997

Pol Pot

"It was clear to us on the 9th (the date of Son Sen's murder) that Pol Pot

destroyed those he did not like by accusing them of being spies for this or that


- unidentified KR official.

"Pol Pot flattered himself as the world's king... Pol Pot betrayed us for a

long time: Stole cash; Destroyed the radio; Split the armed forces; Insulted Ta Mok

in February."

- Ta Mok, 9 June 1997

"You have to be very be careful with the cadres who try to gain favor from those

superior. Be careful with the type of leadership of Saroeun and Pol Pot.

- Nuon Chea, 28 July 1997.

"Pol Pot is hated everywhere in the world, but we followed him because we understood

they would forget him sometime. But on June 9 he killed Son Sen."

- Sim, 9 September 1997

"Pol Pot has run off with only his dick."

- Seng, 12 September 1997

Pol Pot faced with a difficult question

"Pol Pot met with Ta Mok and asked 'why didn't you kill [Mei] Meakk and

[Ta] Muth?' Ta Mok answered back 'you were there. Why didn't you shoot him?' Pol

Pot had a heart attack and finished the meeting."

- Sim, 9 September 1997

Pol Potists

"Pol Pot's society has been destroyed... The new society rises up. That

is the society of the poor. Without the poor, Pol Pot's regime could not be destroyed."

- Ta Mok, 25 June 1997


"We have many difficulties implementing our policies. Politically some are

not 100 percent. They still have relations with wine and ladies."

- Kong, undated


"The Ranariddh forces are not fighting and those that remain are thieves

robbers and rapists."

- Brother 49, 18 August 1997

Concessions from Funcinpec

"Funcinpec only requests the provinces. We take districts, communes and


- Tem, 24 June 1997

The public service

"The Front have seen yuon, they said that the national institutions

are full with yuon as soldiers and civilians."

- Tem, 24 June 1997

Community relations

"Do not let the people, the poor peasants become isolated. Do not rape the

peoples' daughters otherwise the people will slash us."

- Ta Mok, 11 December 1997

Modern living

"It is very difficult to feed a society. Aids is spreading across the world."

- Ta Mok, 10 December 1997

Negotiating with the NUF

"When you negotiate with the Front:

1. Do not bring the genocide regime to justice;

2. Bring Hun Sen to justice because he is yuon;

Before the negotiation we have to announce that the Pol Pot regime has been destroyed

so that we can negotiate."

- Tem, 24 June 1997

Strong points of the proletariat

"The most patient with hardship;

"Disputes with the exploiting class the most;

"The ones who start from scratch without ownership;

"People who are harmless and gentle;

"People who are more big hearted than others."

- Undated meeting agenda.


"I am personally very happy to end the war. So far we have lived like a

frog in a well. From now on, the frog gets out from the well to live in the field

to see flowers."

- Rong, 28 June 1997

"Now is the time of civil war which is very dangerous. Now we keep Anlong Veng

as core leader."

- Ta Mok, 25 June 1997


"Ranariddh and Nhek Bun Chhay will go back because they are corrupt and

feudalistic. They need us for a ride like on [the back of a] water buffalo."

- Brother 49, 7 December 1997

Confidence in the leadership

"We have to join the Front, we should not be afraid because all our forces

are not traitors and the enemy does not have money to buy all of the people, they

can buy only the main leaders."

- Tem, 24 June 1997

The Movement

"Our movement become very small, as a grain of rice. Our leaders have to

be clever to join the Front to survive."

- Rong, 28 June 1997

The environment

"Whoever destroys the forest is not allowed to be a leader."

"Whoever blows up and shoots fish are yuon and have to have their throats


"Whoever burns the forest, if arrested, has to be burned alive."

- Ta Mok, 7 December 1997

The killing of the Funcinpec negotiators

"Ta Mok said not to set fire to the helicopter. Pol Pot ordered 05 [Saroeun]

to destroy the aircraft and the negotiation plan which aimed at national reconciliation."

- Nhorn, 14 September 1997

Disillusionment with the NUF

We saw a new situation on 5 July 1997. The Vietnamese puppet Hun Sen conducted

a coup to oust Ranariddh.

"We have now seen a different situation - the strength of the United Front that

asked us for help. Our peasants have assisted them for more than four months. Now

they return to side with the Vietnamese.

"This is the reality of the United Front, they have lived off us now they want

to kill our poor farmers."

- Seng, 18 December 1997

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