Kratie province will take another big step forward in its infrastructure development with the start of a project to build three important new roads, financed under a loan from the World Bank.

At a January 31 press conference held at the Council of Ministers, Kratie governor Va Thorn highlighted the achievements of his administration including building roads and bridges in the province.

He said the three new roads would be build under a loan, not a charitable donation. The groundbreaking event sets to take place before Khmer New Year, presided over by Prime Minister Hun Sen.

“It is a loan from the World Bank, who had not lent to us for a few years. It offered to borrow money to the province at a concessional rate of interest lower than other banks,” he added.

According to VA Thorn, the first road to be upgraded is a span of 31.25km of National Road 7 from Khla Stous roundabout in Kratie province to Svay Chreah commune in Snuol district.

The second road the loan is targeted at is National Road 377 from the Preap Sor roundabout in the provincial town to Sambo district, at a length of 35.5 km, including nine bridges with a total span of 413 metres.

Finally, the third project is National Road 377A from the Sandan roundabout to National Road 7, spanning 13.5 km.

He continued that with the extensive investment of public funds into Kratie by the national government, the province has been widening highways and pathways as well as building stone bridges that connect to remote areas to meet people’s communications needs.

Va Thorn also said the province was building a 1,761m bridge across the Mekong River from Chitr Borei district to Prek Prasap district along with a 31.69 km road. In addition, the Department of Rural Development had already built 1,999 km of paved roads and 85 km of rubber roads.

He stated that the Department of Rural Development had also built three ironclad bridges and 27 concrete bridges.

Lim Cheav Hav, director of the provincial rural development department, said Kratie had 258 rural roads his department was responsible for.

“And there are other achievements such as concrete drainage pipes. We have made a total of 430 concrete drainage pipes. Until now, we have maintained the roads on a regular basis,” he added.