The Ministry of Health installed three additional thermal scanners at Phnom Penh International Airport before the New Year, to further improve the safety and protection of all national and international guests.

Ministry secretary of state York Sambath said that one scanner would be added at the VIP gate, and two to the standard gate.

“We are committed to monitoring the health of all visitors to the Kingdom,” he said.

She said there was already a quarantine officer equipped with a thermometer at each of the locations, but the additional equipment would make temperature checks more efficient. All passengers whose temperature measured above 37.5 degrees would be asked to test for Covid-19.

Sambath said additional scanners had also been introduced at Siem Reap International Airport, and at several land border crossings around the Kingdom.

Deputy commander of the Phnom Penh International Airport Border Gate Thong Sophat said that at present, the number of tourists passing through the gates was steady, with a wide range of nationalities.

“Currently, there are not many Chinese tourists among them, but I think they will change soon. In November, on average, more than 3,000 visitors entered or exited Cambodia each day – a total of nearly 7,000,” he added.

Sophat said the newly installed thermal scanners are of the same type as the previous units, but will facilitate larger numbers of visitors.

Sambath urged the public to heed Prime Minister Hun Sen’s warnings to remain cautious and to practise Covid-19 preventative measures including the three dos and three don’ts.

She also called on them to make sure that their vaccinations are fully up to date. If they are due for a booster shot, they should contact the nearest health centre as soon as possible.

“Even though the Kingdom has reduced the rates of community infections, we must continue to exercise caution. The successes that we have had so far have come through the participation of the people. This is why we continue to issue reminders to people,” she said.