Interior Minister Sar Kheng has instructed officials to control the use of pavements on all roads, in order to prevent them from being illegally occupied by people’s businesses or residences.

Sar Kheng attended a June 9 ceremony to mark to upgrade of Road 312 in Prea Sdech district of Prey Veng province.

He said he had observed that some people had taken the sides of some roads and turned them into commercial spaces, or even their homes. Doing this, he added, would cause traffic congestion and affect future road development.

“To regulate the use of pavements, there must be clear demarcation lines, or planted trees. People must be educated about the correct use of shared public spaces. In addition, people living on footpaths suffer from ill health, due to dust, fumes, and the sound of traffic nose. Sometimes, they can become the victims of accidents,” he explained.

The Ministry of Public Works and Transport has prepared a sub-decree on the management of pavement along the Kingdom’s streets, roads, and railways, to prevent the encroachment on public spaces, whether through construction or the planting of crops.

The sub-decree aims to reduce the long-term impacts of illegal settlement on pavements and improve public safety.