Hun Dany, Ministry of Tourism secretary of state, said the ministry considers women an indispensable driving force who actively contribute to strengthening the resilience and development of the tourism industry.

Addressing a February 3 workshop on the implementation of policies that promote women's rights and roles in tourism, she said the ministry has introduced a number of policies, programmes and activities to promote the women's rights, both in the civil service and the tourism industry.

The event, held at the Stung Treng provincial hall, was co-hosted by the provincial department of tourism and the ministry.

“Prime Minister Hun Sen has introduced social protection policies and legal protection for women working in the industry. We recognise the important role that women play in strengthening resilience and developing the tourist sector,” she added.

She stated that the promotion of women's rights and participation was also reflected in the “Gender Equality Policy” introduced in the government's rectangular strategy agenda. This placed an emphasis on the value and importance of women's participation in every process of national development. Women are considered the “backbone of the economy and society.”

In late January, Hun Sen instructed his legal team to defend the rights of women working in the informal entertainment industry.