Child Friendly School policy brings consistency to Cambodian system

Publication date 08 May 2018 | 13:35 | ICT

Certificates now demonstrate actual learning rather than mere participation in a program



  • Welcome to your cashless lifestyle with Pi Pay!

    Publication date 27 March 2018 | 18:51 | ICT

    A snapshot of how we are enjoying the convenience of PiPay, Cambodia’s leading cashless payment system We love our food!

  • A screengrab of the Acleda Bank website, which shows a promotion for the ACLEDA Unity ToanChet app.

    7 mobile banking apps tested

    Publication date 27 March 2018 | 16:36 | ICT

    The advent of mobile banking has given smartphone users a way to avoid waiting in queues at their local branch and handle most of their banking needs wherever they are.

  • A photo illustration of several popular mobile money apps. Tim Borith

    Mobile payment apps dethroning cash

    Publication date 27 March 2018 | 15:56 | ICT

    At an outlet of Tous les Jours bakery, Heng Souny approaches the cashier with a tray of baked goods and her smartphone in hand.

  • Private equity firm casts net on Mekong region

    Publication date 27 March 2018 | 15:54 | ICT

    A new private equity firm based in Phnom Penh is scouring the Mekong region for opportunities after making its first investment in the parent company of a leading Cambodian online real estate portal.

  • An illustration of tokens representing bitcoin and various cryptocurrencies. Photo supplied

    Cryptocurrencies continue to operate in a grey area

    Publication date 27 March 2018 | 15:53 | ICT

    Cambodian enthusiasts for bitcoin and other digital currencies are pushing ahead with their development and adoption despite efforts by the government and central bank to block the trading of cryptocurrencies while supporting the un

  • CamEd student achieves world’s highest score on 2017 CAT exam

    Publication date 27 March 2018 | 15:48 | ICT
  • Tax app locks out audit fraud

    Publication date 27 March 2018 | 15:45 | ICT

    The tax authority has released a new app that validates official audit documents to protect taxpayers from scams.

  • Traffic moves in front of the headquarters of the General Deparment of Taxation in Phnom Penh.

    Small taxpayers will be the engine for future economic growth

    Publication date 27 March 2018 | 15:42 | ICT

    It is a generally accepted economic tenet that small businesses are the backbone of an economy.

  • Members of Startup Weekend team ‘The Cyclo’ before delivering their pitch. The team won a place on the MIST Accelerator Bootcamp for their plan to introduce the traditional bicycle rickshaw to Siem Reap as a conveyance for tourists.

    Startup weekend fills temple town with entrepreneurial spirit

    Publication date 06 March 2018 | 11:35 | ICT

    It’s Friday night in Siem Reap, and while businesses wind down and revellers hit the streets, nine groups of budding Cambodian entrepreneurs are poring over sheets of paper and preparing to pitch a business idea in two days’ time.

  • A screenshot of the website showing available hotels and guesthouses in Siem Reap.

    Cambodia’s answer to

    Publication date 06 March 2018 | 10:57 | ICT

    A Siem Reap-based startup has created a booking website for Cambodian hotels and guesthouses that it hopes will provide a local alternative to international heavyweights Agoda and