Led by jet ski racing ace Sali Umet, Cambodian jet ski racers arrived in the US on September 24 to participate in the WGP#1 World Series, scheduled for October 4-8.

The event marks the third round, following the first held from May 18-21 in Poland and the subsequent round from July 27-30 in France. The final round of the series is slated for December 13-17 in Thailand.

Due to their commitment to compete in the 32nd SEA Games on home soil, the Cambodian Jet Ski team missed the first round in Poland. During their participation, they secured one gold, one silver and two bronze medals, with Umet earning one gold and one bronze.

The team made their presence felt in France, claiming two gold, one silver and one bronze medal.

As for the upcoming third round, Nos Sleh, president of the Watercraft Federation of Cambodia, expressed confidence in the team’s ability to secure gold medals. He placed particular trust in the young jet ski racer Kai Vansiden.

“For the WGP#1 World Series in the US last year and again this time, I have faith that Vansiden will secure another gold medal, and some of our other racers may also earn medals or achieve good rankings. Last year, they secured fourth and fifth places. The possibility of winning medals in this competition is quite promising,” he said.

He added that in the third round, many participants will be involved, and Cambodia remains concerned about its older jet skis. However, due to the presence of significant waves, the Cambodian team’s prospects of securing medals remain strong, given their high skill level and greater tactical prowess compared to foreign jet skiers.

“Our riders possess strong techniques and capabilities, thanks to their advanced tactics, particularly their skill in jet ski control. As a result, we are well-equipped to contend with foreign jet skiers for medals,” he said.

“Nevertheless, we remain apprehensive about the condition of our engines due to the age of our jet skis. Despite multiple repairs, there may be a slight disadvantage in terms of speed during the race,” he explained.

He considers the team’s involvement in the world championship tournament as a pivotal moment, saying it provides Cambodian jet skiers with an opportunity to assess their skills and develop new techniques to improve their abilities.