The Ministry of Commerce has extended an invitation to all local traders and business owners who wish to promote their products to seek information from the ministry. An exhibition of Cambodian products is being organised to coincide with the 10th Sea Festival in Kep province.

The ministry announced via an October 30 press release that the event is scheduled to take place from December 1-3 in Kep town, aligning with its strategy to elevate and amplify the profile of local products from across the nation.

“The ministry invites producers, artisans and owners of local enterprises to bring high-quality products that are consumer-safe and adhere to superior packaging standards, from all across the country, to display, advertise and establish business partnerships during this tourism-related business event,” it said.

“[We] aim to prioritise the exhibition of newly developed and innovative products and services. Business owners keen to showcase their offerings should act swiftly to register, as the availability of booths is limited,” it added.

Bun Narin, president of the Geographical Indication Association of Kampot-Kep Salt Producers, told The Post on November 2 that the exhibition represents a significant opportunity for local producers, artisans and enterprises to showcase and promote their wares, allowing them to demonstrate their brand quality.

He noted that he was still awaiting specifics from the ministry regarding the participation criteria, such as the types of products eligible, the cost of services and the exact location of the exhibition.

“As a geographical indication [GI] brand, we are eager to showcase the quality and packaging of Khmer salt products to both national and international audience. Should the ministry allocate a suitable space for us, we are ready to participate,” he said.

“On behalf of the [association], our commission is diligently working to promote GI-tagged salt products to the public,” he added.

Te Taingpor, president of the Federation of Associations for Small and Medium Enterprises of Cambodia (FASMEC), previously highlighted the importance of promotional activities in tandem with efforts to bolster and broaden product ranges.

He believes that with the rise in production activities and the growing number of factories and enterprises, reliable advertising is key to building consumer trust and accessing broader markets, both locally and internationally.

“Advertising is very important for the development of each business,” he said.

According to the ministry, this will be the third time Kep has hosted the festival, following events in 2013 and 2017. Last year, the event took place in Preah Sihanouk province. Held annually, with exceptions during the Covid-19 outbreak, the festival rotates among the four coastal provinces of Kep, Kampot, Preah Sihanouk and Koh Kong.