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  • UN World Food Programme helps Kingdom in disaster management

    The National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) and the UN World Food Programme (WFP) signed a five-year partnership agreement on Wednesday for collaboration on crisis management and disaster risk reduction in Cambodia at the Peace Palace.

  • New law set to benefit those working in the private sector

    Workers and employees in the private sector will receive the same benefits as those in the public sector if they pay their income tax and fulfil other legal requirements. The recently passed Law on Social Security Schemes states that workers and employees in the private sector are entitled to a pension and other benefits that civil servants receive.

Garment, travel goods exports will stay strong, says minister

Minister of Commerce Pan Sorasak on Thursday expressed his optimism that garment, textile, footwear and travel goods exports will continue to enjoy strong growth over the next few...

Building a holistic education community at CIS

Education is an essential building block to the economy of a country. It is the element that grows, nurtures and matures the younger generation of a society.

India join cricket’s pink-ball party

India will become the last major cricketing nation to enter the pink-ball Test era on Friday after long resisting innovations to the five-day format. The second Test against...

Pakistan polemic an old one

What explains the intensity of the Pakistani reaction to the changes in Jammu and Kashmir’s status following legislation enacted by the Indian Parliament?

This reaction rests on a tripod of three different sets of reasons.

Light ‘Em Up: Siem Reap Bike Meet set to rev up Temple Town

The third annual Siem Reap Bike Meet (SRBM) is set to thrill Siem Reap with high-octane thrills on Saturday, from 11am to 11pm at Box Ville.