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Youths use Facebook to ease farmers’ burden

Publication date 22 September 2020 | 22:43 | ICT

The pandemic has affected everyone in the world in some way, but some have been hit harder than others.



  • Concert held for Beirut blast victims at ravaged palace

    Lebanon on Sunday held a concert for the victims of last month’s deadly Beirut blast in the grounds of a 19th-century palace wrecked by the massive explosion.

  • Can Japan’s ancient Noh theatre survive Covid?

    Kennosuke Nakamori’s sonorous voice fills a small room as he practises the lines of a traditional Japanese Noh play, even though he hasn’t performed before a live audience in months.

  • Cashier’s grim goal during 2015 Paris terror attack: ‘Survive’

    It was a Friday afternoon, and Zarie Sibony was at her check-out counter at the Hyper Cacher supermarket on the eastern edge of Paris when a man wielding two Kalashnikov rifles burst through the doors.

  • Vegetarian restaurant draws in the crowds

    Sweet and sour fish on a vegetarian menu might sound weird, but patrons at Riverside’s JC Vegetarian Restaurant can rest easy because no fish was harmed in the preparation of this tasty meat-substitute dish.

  • Young French butcher seeks to carve out UNESCO distinction

    Victor Dumas is convinced that his fellow French butchers wield their knives unlike any others, and is hoping the UN will agree they deserve pride of place at the global culinary table.

  • Samlot farmer strikes gold with unique banana chips

    Nun Channy, a former farmer from Battambang province, stared at bunches of leftover bananas in her backyard, wondering how she was going to make ends meet without customers.

  • Savoury, but with a stench: Bun Dau lands in the capital

    Pho may be the most ubiquitous Vietnamese dish on offer throughout the world, but a local business is championing another beloved dish from across the border – Bun Dau – a meal which is immediately recognised by the pungent smell of its fermented shrimp paste.

  • US feminists fear for rights after death of iconic justice Ginsburg

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg racked up numerous wins in the fight for women’s rights long before she joined the US Supreme Court, but her death Friday puts at risk one of American feminists’ key victories: the right to have abortions.

  • Motorcycle repairmen mould scrap into fine art

    Metal creatures made from bike chains, spokes and discarded shocks beckon people over to take a selfie and chat with the artists, low-income repairmen who turned to artwork after their wages took a hit due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Data reveals large drop in e-cigarette use among US youths

    The number of American middle and high schoolers using e-cigarettes declined dramatically in 2020 compared to last year, an official report showed Wednesday.