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Sin Setsochhata carries on a music legacy

Publication date 19 January 2021 | 22:02 | ICT

As a child, Sin Setsochhata had tagged along with her father when he would sing on stage and by the time she was a teenager she was already familiar not only with performing on stage but also with composing music and writing lyrics for her



  • Mini fish-like robots swim in schools

    Inspired by how schools of fish intuitively synchronize their movements, Harvard scientists have engineered miniature underwater robots capable of forming autonomous swarms.

  • Italian centenerian oldest to receive jab

    An Italian centenarian has become one of the oldest people in the world to get a Covid-19 vaccine, months after she survived a coronavirus infection, her retirement home said.

  • Squatters threaten oldest archeological city in the Americas

    Having survived for 5,000 years, the oldest archeological site in the Americas is under threat from squatters claiming the coronavirus pandemic has left them with no other option but to occupy the sacred city.

  • Israel studies forest to find new habitat for endangered gazelles

    Israel is one of the last places where the endangered mountain gazelle roams in the wild but, as development shrinks their natural savannah habitat, ecologists are studying if they can also thrive in forests.

  • Thai eatery dishes out cannabis leaf menu

    From spicy “happy” salads to soups sprinkled with cannabis shoots and deep-fried marijuana leaves – a Thai hospital restaurant has rolled out a weed-inspired menu which has curious customers flocking to sample its euphoria-inducing

  • Seamstress makes bears from Covid victim’s clothes

    A seamstress in pandemic-stricken Mexico is helping families of coronavirus victims to cope with their loss by making teddy bears using the clothes of their dead relatives.

  • Parasite director to head 2021 Venice film fest jury

    South Korean director Bong Joon-ho, whose film Parasite won the Academy Award for Best Picture last year, was named as jury president of the 2021 Venice Film Festival.

  • Don’t pimp my ride: Afghans shun No 39

    Afghan traffic authorities are retiring licence plates containing the number “39” because the figure has long been associated with pimping and prostitution.

  • Omanis revive memory of village buried under desert

    Encroaching sands have left little evidence that the Omani village of Wadi al-Murr ever existed, but former inhabitants and curious visitors are coming to rediscover the hamlet engulfed by the desert.

  • Fake tag claim offers pigeon a death row reprieve

    A racing pigeon detained by Australian authorities and set to be destroyed over concerns it was an American intruder received a lifeline on December 15, when experts revealed its leg tag was probably fake.