The Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) on August 3 said it is not involved in a fraud dispute concerning derivatives broker GoldFX Investment Co Ltd.

The CSX noted in a post that the case was ongoing and under investigation by the Securities and Exchange Regulator of Cambodia (SERC).

The statement comes in response to media reports and inquiries to the CSX related to the case, according to the bourse.

The CSX noted that it is co-owned by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and Korea Exchange (KRX) on a 55:45 ratio, and is licensed by the SERC as a securities exchange operator, securities clearing and settlement system operator, and trustee.

The types of securities that can be registered and traded on the CSX include stocks and bonds, it said, adding that investing in a company’s stock makes the investor a shareholder in that company, and investing in bonds makes the investor a creditor.

Derivatives are not traded on the CSX, it said, adding that using the terms “stock” or “share” to refer to these is incorrect.

Derivatives are financial securities tied to underlying assets. Common assets include commodities, currencies, stocks and bonds. An investor can purchase contracts and their return is based on the market fluctuations of the asset.

People wanting to invest in CSX-listed stocks and bonds must open an account with one of the 11 securities firms that are members of the bourse, it said, adding that orders can be placed independently or through their broker through the Mobile Trading System (MTS).

It invited aspiring investors to visit its website for more information concerning applicable rules and regulations as well as for daily trading statistics.

As of end-June, CSX had 13 listed securities – seven stocks and six bonds, and the listed companies had cumulatively raised more than $235 million from the stock market, its latest figures show.