A dialogue forum dedicated to enhancing climate change resilience solutions and fostering competition in the Kingdom’s cashew sector took place on June 16. The event aimed to facilitate the sharing of experiences and best practices among key suppliers.

At the conclusion of the forum, Ministry of Commerce secretary of state Reach Ra emphasised the importance of the gathering, stating that it provided an opportunity for all stakeholders in the cashew industry to exchange observations, approaches and insights.

Participants had the chance to analyse Cambodia's role in the global supply map and establish activities that promote cashew nut value.

Ra highlighted that the forum successfully brought together stakeholders to share their experiences with product standardisation, collaborate with key suppliers and seek specific solutions to issues of common concern.

This collaborative effort aims to address the needs, challenges, opportunities for cooperation, and recommendations for the improvement of Cambodia's cashew quarter. The dialogue concluded with "fruitful and remarkable results".

Addressing the issue of inconsistent figures in the cashew sector, Ra confirmed that stakeholders agreed to raise this concern at the upcoming forum.

He further expressed the readiness of relevant state institutions to continue cooperating in sharing experiences, cultivation techniques and improving the quality of cashew processing. These efforts align with Cambodia's ambition to transform into one of the world's largest exporters of quality cashew nuts, gaining recognition on the global stage.

Suy Kokthean, vice-president of the Cambodian Cashew nut Association, emphasised the significance of the talks on June 17.

He highlighted the discussions regarding cashew production chains and the need to mitigate the impacts caused by climate change. Kokthean stressed the essential role of stakeholders from the government, private sector and farmers in ensuring the sustainable development of cashew production chains, including seed variety selection.

By convening this public-private dialogue, Cambodia's cashew sector is poised to strengthen its resilience to climate change and increase its competitive edge in the global market. The forum served as a platform for valuable discussions among stakeholders, promoting sustainable practices and driving the growth of the Kingdom’s cashew nut industry.