Metfone and the Ministry of Environment on August 10 signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on the rollout of cutting-edge digital facilities at the ministry's “Techo National Unity Building”.

The "Signing Ceremony for the Memorandum of Understanding on the Cooperation in Digital Transformation between the Ministry of Environment and Metfone" was presided over by Minister of Environment HE Say Samal and Metfone CEO Phung Van Cuong.

HE Van Monineath, director of Policy and Strategy at the Ministry of Environment, and Nhong Din Than, Metfone deputy director, were witnesses to the signing, at an event attended by representatives of Metfone and the ministry.

The agreement aims to support the establishment and deployment of digital technology in the Ministry of Environment's “Techo National Unity Building” headquarters overlooking Koh Pich.

It will also serve to promote scientific research and develop capacity, as well as raise awareness on environmental protection, biodiversity conservation, ecosystem management, green technology and clean energy.

Metfone CEO Phung Van Cuong hailed the agreement.

"The strengthening of cooperation between Metfone and the Ministry of Environment promises to be an important basis to support the department in setting up, installing, equipping and delivering digital facilities in the Techo National Unity Building.

"This will promote scientific research, capacity development and raising awareness on environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and ecosystem service management, as well as green technology and clean energy," he said.

Through the collaboration, Metfone will support a range of activities, including the installation of digital infrastructure in the Techo National Unity Building, the deployment of digital technology on sample documents and materials for effective management, and the provision of high-speed internet services.

It will also boost e-government systems and develop e-service software, and carry out operations and maintenance, as well as develop e-learning systems and other applications.

Minister of Environment HE Say Samal and Metfone CEO Phung Van Cuong, along with representatives of the ministry and Metfone, attended the signing ceremony. SUPPLIED

"With the signing, we are to introduce and propose the transfer of new Metfone technologies; from there, building IT infrastructure, implementing e-government systems and training human resources for digital transformation of the Ministry of Environment.

"Setting up and installing high-tech applications to operate the Techno National Unity Building contributes to improving the capacity and efficiency of management of IT systems at the Ministry of Environment.

"After the signing ceremony, on the basis of the terms of cooperation, the two sides will develop a specific plan and effectively implement it. We will support and cooperate with each other, creating a base for future plans," said Metfone CEO Phung Van Cuong.

Metfone has been present in Cambodia since 2006, starting business in 2009. After 16 years, Metfone has become Cambodia's largest digital telecommunications company with nine million mobile subscribers, accounting for 50 per cent market share. It also has the largest network, covering the entire Kingdom.