Mobile phone network specialists are cautioning against the use of signal boosters – also known as amplifiers, repeaters or mobile wave amplifiers – to boost poor cellphone signal.

The misuse of the unauthorised devices surfaced after users had installed repeaters to improve their phone reception, something reported as being prevalent in Phnom Penh and Kandal province.

There have been complaints recently on social media platforms regarding poor mobile phone signal in certain areas.

Industry experts have said that uncertified “boosters” do not help solve the problem but instead interfere with signals from the broadcast bases of network carriers.

It is also illegal to buy, sell and install such devices without a proper licence and offenders can be punished under the domestic telecommunications law.

Experts alerted that there has been heavy interference with the broadcast stations of carriers that affected the quality of service provided to customers after people installed the devices.

It is illegal to buy, sell and install signal boosters. SUPPLIED

The repeaters disrupt mobile signals, making it impossible to determine the frequency, with people in the vicinity unable to make or receive phone calls, or use the internet.

According to the regulations, only enterprises providing mobile services are allowed to use repeater transmitters in the mobile communication network, and only for installation in areas where there is limited coverage.

Users are advised to contact mobile service providers if they face signal problems in their area and avoid using illegal devices to improve coverage.

It is illegal to buy, sell and install signal boosters. SUPPLIED