Newly-launched company MR Training and Jobs Center (MRTJC) aspires to become a go-to job-matching platform in Cambodia, and offer career-development support and training for individuals of all ages to align with the needs of today’s employers.

The firm also aims to provide consulting services to businesses across a diverse range of sectors on collecting, analysing and interpreting market data for the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, to develop effective marketing strategies and identify target customers.

At MRTJC’s inauguration on June 8, the company’s governor, Sear Rithy, said that finding staff with the right skills was a prevalent challenge for businesses and employers in the Industry 4.0 era, adding that the firm was established to meet the “real demands” of the current labour market.

“As we all know, a problem that investors face today is the lack of human resources. Our job centre has done plenty of research on the needs of the market and youth, because a focus on investment alone does not give a full and comprehensive picture,” he said.

Rithy added that the company would advise businesspeople and investors – both domestic and foreign – on identifying useful data for market research.

“For us investors, the most important thing after [finding] staff is identifying markets, and finding a market depends on data, which we’ll need to have on hand. This is where the MR Training and Jobs Center can help,” he said.

MRTJC managing director Nguon Sony said that in addition to human resource services, the company will provide career development and training in “new ways” that are deemed appropriate to the current job market context.

“To achieve our goals, the MR Training and Jobs Center needs like-minded supporters and partners to provide young people with the opportunity to grow into future business leaders.

“We look forward to working with small and large enterprises, corporations and other companies – both domestic and foreign – to develop human resources in Cambodia, as well as to lead your businesses to greater success,” she said.

MRTJC Executive Board chairwoman Yim Chhay Lin said the company seeks to provide fresh graduates and other youth with at least the basic knowledge, skills and professional development through oriented training and job counselling to enter today’s “rich” job market.

“Through the services of MR Training and Jobs Center, employers will also be able to get qualified and ready employees to work toward their entrepreneurial goals,” she said.

According to its website, MRTJC “provides competent candidates and project-based services to corporate clients by investing into our unique network of talented youth from across our nation”.

“Youth is the core force in the development of the country, also youth is the core force in the development of the companies and the future of the leadership. Providing opportunities for young people is like giving a company the opportunity to develop in the same way,” it says.