New Minister of Commerce Cham Nimul has pledged to maintain a “one commerce family, one voice” approach to trade negotiations, whether large or small, under the leadership of the 7th-mandate government.

The pledge came as she met with her predecessor Pan Sorasak and officials at the ministry on August 25.

Nimul spoke highly of Sorasak, noting that his past achievements would serve as a solid foundation for the ministry as it strove to attain new accomplishments during the new mandate.

In his farewell address, Sarasok extended his thanks to the leaders and civil servants of the ministry for their hard work during his tenure.

Kem Sithon, standing secretary of state at the ministry, touted the ministry’s efforts to improve the efficiency and quality of the business climate in Cambodia, noting that one important achievement the commercial sector attained during the previous mandate was the introduction of mechanisms to delegate tasks to trade departments in border provinces.