Twenty-five agricultural and industrial products of Kampong Cham province have been evaluated and recognised by the National Committee for the Promotion of the One Village One Product (OVOP) Movement.

According to the Ministry of Commerce’s General Department of Trade Promotion, the earmarked agricultural products include paddy rice, rubber, cashew, cassava, corn, palm sugar and yellow bananas.

The province’s produce provides the raw materials for several additional goods, including banana wine, roasted cashews, sweet rice snacks, banana chips and lemongrass oil.

The selected items that are manufactured in the province include mortars and pestles, kramas, aluminium pots, bamboo and coconut souvenirs, organic fertiliser, ground meat pates and meat balls, and axes and knives.

Tan Yuvaroath, deputy director of the trade promotion department, addressed a Kampong Cham seminar, held last weekend to identify and promote Cambodian products with commercial potential.

“The commerce ministry has developed the trade sector. In particular, it has strengthened production to supply domestic demand and exports through market diversification. We aim to promote growth and accelerate regional and global economic growth, along with trade integration,” he said.

“The economy of Kampong Cham province has seen significant development, particularly in key sectors such as trade, tourism and manufacturing,” he added.

Kampong Cham Cashew Association president Top Vandy said on April 24 that the favourable topography of the province meant a variety of crops could be cultivated there, including cashews.

“Cashews have massive commercial potential, and the government recognises this,” he added.

“Kampong Cham has excellent arable ground, and its location makes it extremely suitable for the cultivation of export goods. Many agricultural products are grown here and then exported. We welcome the One Village, One Product movement’s efforts to promote our agricultural and industrial goods,” he concluded.

According to the report of the trade promotion department, as of 2022, Kampong Cham province has 24 large-scale factories and enterprises, 23 medium-sized ones, and 152 small-scale operations, employing a total of 38,182 workers and the province produced about 303,746 tonnes of foodstuffs, exceeding its own demand by 171,059 tonnes.