PPCBank has launched a new card management service for PPCBank Mobile App users as part of its commitment to embracing innovative technologies to create convenient banking for clients.

Three broad new card functions that allow users to be in full control of their cards and connected accounts are embedded in the PPCBank Mobile App.

Whatever transaction customers have made online or via a POS machine can now be viewed from their smartphones.

Card holders can conveniently view their purchase history, which is available online 24/7, and also have the option of filtering purchases made in Cambodia or outside the country.

PPCBank credit card holders can view real-time balances via the mobile app, make instant direct cash advance deposits into their bank accounts to make purchases or for other necessary uses, and settle outstanding balances.

New cards can be activated by clients themselves. To help combat fraud and provide users with additional confidence, PPCBank is no longer creating temporary PIN numbers for new cards on customer’s behalf.

Clients can securely set up their own PIN via the PPCBank Mobile App without the need to visit an ATM.

The new card management system also allows PPCBank Mobile App users to block and unblock cards. This is useful when a card has simply been misplaced.

In the event a card has been lost or stolen, blocking is immediate and permanent. Clients can then use the mobile app to request a reissue, simply selecting the reason.

These updated functions have been made possible by PPCBank replacing its legacy switch system with an internationally recognised system with global standard compliance and compatibility known as "SmartVista" from BPC.

The new features will be welcomed by PPCBank Mobile App users, who already enjoy its streamlined interface and biometric capabilities.

The PPCBank Mobile App was first launched in 2017. In 2019 it received an “A’Design Award” in recognition of its innovative approach.

In line with the National Bank of Cambodia's (NBC) initiatives in promoting cashless payments and inter-operability for clients across different financial institutions, PPCBank has rolled out the NBC “Bakong Full Fund Transfer”.

With the app, PPCBank clients can now with zero service charges transfer money directly to all local banks, microfinance institutions and payment service institutions that are a member of the Bakong mobile payment system.

Knowing how confusing transfer options can be, PPCBank has integrated all real-time transfer options into one easy-to-select list.

Clients need only know which bank they wish to transfer funds to and the PPCBank Mobile App will check the best transfer option so that the money can be received in the quickest possible time and with the lowest charge.

Furthermore, the latest version of the mobile app will soon enable PPCBank clients to transfer to AMK wallets or any phone number, allowing the receiver to withdraw the cash from any one of 5,500 AMK Microfinance Institution agents across the Kingdom.

The PPCBank Mobile App is available to download on both Android and iOS smartphones.

About PPCBank

Locally incorporated in September 2008, PPCBank is South Korean-owned, a subsidiary of the JB Financial Group and OK Financial Group. PPCBank operates across Cambodia through 16 branches in Phnom Penh and seven in major provinces, in addition to its 65 ATMs.

PPCBank provides a full suite of products and services, ranging from deposits and loans, to modern digital mobile applications, as well as its internet-based corporate service ‘smartBiz’ and its ‘Mobile Teller’ for in-branch and remote consultations. In 2020, PPCBank listed corporate bonds on the Cambodia Securities Exchange.

PPCBank actively supports various CSR initiatives, being the first bank to empower those with hearing disabilities through its partnership with Socials Coffee, which can be found inside PPCBank branches.

Other initiatives include support of the landmine-clearing NGO Apopo and its “HeroRATs”, who have been working to make Cambodia free of landmines.