Corporate bond-listed firms Prasac Microfinance Institution Plc and LOLC (Cambodia) Plc made coupon payments for fiscal year 2020, credited to subscribers' accounts on April 23.

In a filing to the Cambodia Securities Exchange (CSX) that day, Prasac said it paid a total of 4,453,650,000 riel ($1.10 million) to bondholders.

“Prasac Microfinance Institution Plc is pleased to inform investors and the public that the second coupon payment of Prasac’s bond has been transferred to each investor’s account on 23 April,” it said.

Prasac listed on the CSX on May 5, issuing 1,272,000 shares with a coupon rate of 7.5 per cent per annum at a three-year maturity and semi-annual payment. It raised 127.2 billion riel from the issuance.

And in its filing to the CSX, microfinance deposit-taking institution LOLC Cambodia said 2,158,583,135 riel was paid on 536,000 units of its foreign-exchange- (FX) indexed bond and 1,184,745,206 riel on 264,000 units of its plain bond, for a total of 3,343,328,341 riel.

“LOLC is honoured to announce to all investors that the coupon payment of LOLC’s corporate bond has been transferred to each investor’s accounts on 23rd April 2021,” it said.

The Sri Lankan-owned LOLC listed an FX-indexed bond and a fixed-coupon bond on May 10, 2019, raising 80 billion riel.

The bonds were issued with an interest rate of eight per cent per annum for the FX-indexed bond and nine per cent for the fixed-coupon bond, and a maturity date of three years.