During celebrations of the fourth Women Entrepreneurs Day in Cambodia on November 11, Keo Mom, president of the Cambodian Women Entrepreneurs Association, urged all stakeholders, including the government, development partners, civil society organisations, the private sector and investors to increase their support for businesswomen.

“Over 65 per cent of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises are owned by women, with 90 per cent being controlled and led by women. Despite this, women continue to encounter numerous challenges in the realms of business and commerce,” she said.

Mom highlighted some of the challenges, with market access being a primary concern.

In response to this issue, and in order to meet the real needs of its members, the association is implementing several new mechanisms. These include targeted training in digital, marketing, communication and entrepreneurship skills.

Members are also guided on seeking support not only within the country but also from potential international partners, both regionally and globally. 

She underscored the importance of active participation by members in promoting and exhibiting products from other Cambodian women entrepreneurs.

Kry Nallis, secretary of state at the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, explained that global celebrations of the day aim to empower women to actively participate in the economy. This involves creating a network of women leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs who are dedicated to initiating businesses, promoting economic activity and expanding business communities worldwide.

“In pursuit of this ambitious goal, we are establishing and promoting vital networks of businesses led by Cambodian women. This showcases the immense potential of women in transforming the world,” she said.

“However, to broaden opportunities for rural women in financial and digital inclusiveness, it is crucial to invest in their financial knowledge and digital skills,” she added.

To address the challenges of tax obligations and the current global economic downturn – which has severely affected women entrepreneurs – this year’s Cambodian Women Entrepreneurs Day focused on the socio-economic context associated with entrepreneurship, as well as building the confidence of women entrepreneurs under the theme “Challenges of Women Entrepreneurs on Tax Obligations and Prospects for the Future”.