South Korean-owned ride-hailing app MVL TADA Cambodia Co Ltd (TADA) plans to diversify its business into a delivery solution as a joint effort with the government to combat Covid-19.

The ride-hailing service, a product of Singapore-headquartered start-up Mass Vehicle Ledger (MVL), which debuted in the Kingdom last year, noted that many businesses have suffered as customers opt to stay home and observe social distancing recommendations amid the pandemic.

“Even businesses that are still permitted to operate during these challenging times are struggling to stay connected with their customers, leading to a downturn in their fortunes with no end in sight,” the company said in a press release.

“TADA is stepping in to help these businesses by launching TADA Delivery – a ‘final mile’ delivery solution that businesses can use to serve their customers wherever they are in Phnom Penh,” it said, adding that as part of the launch, announced this week, TADA is offering the service free for a month to businesses.

TADA general manager Chim Poly said: “With this initiative, TADA is providing much needed support to our drivers and local businesses that have been impacted by the pandemic and don’t have their own delivery system.

“We hope that this one-month pilot programme will help businesses in keeping their business running and staying in touch with customers,” he said.

TADA Delivery uses an online platform, the first of its kind in the Kingdom, which allows businesses to book and track deliveries to their customers as well as manage payments collected by their drivers using cash or digital payments.

TADA said it was planning to launch a delivery service in the coming months but the pandemic, which has swept across the planet, has driven them to speed up their plans to meet the growing needs of businesses in Phnom Penh.

Poly said: “Supporting our drivers, supporting local businesses and supporting the government in their effort to return the country to a normal life are all very important for TADA.

“We will continue to roll out new initiatives to make good on our vision of being a part of the fabric of Cambodian society for years to come,” he said.