The Ministry of Tourism announced the launch of its “Outstanding Tourist Business” campaign to promote participation in the Visit Cambodia 2023 campaign in line with the IBEST concept.

At the March 23 launch ceremony at the ministry headquarters, Song Tonghap, ministry secretary of state said the IBEST concept aimed to improve service quality, the environment, safety, technology and facilitate bookings.

He added that the IBEST concept was like a roadmap that all tourist businesses should use as the basis for ensuring their products and services are in line with the demands of the current market, and to support the policy measures implement as part of the Visit Cambodia 2023 campaign.

Thourn Sinan, chairman of the Pacific Asia Travel Association Cambodia Chapter, said he was not surprised by the launch of this latest campaign, as the tourism ministry’s focus was always on attracting visitors.

However, he suggested that the ministry should implement a clear mechanism that would attract more foreign businesses to the country.

“This work is very necessary. There are not yet plans in place to really push Cambodia as a popular international tourist destination,” he said.