The importance of choosing the right skills to enhance your career prospects and employment opportunities cannot be understated. Choosing wrong will cost at the very least time and money, and could even leave you unhappy, trapped in an unsuitable job.

Great care needs to taken before deciding on what skills to learn. Your talents, interests and passions need to be taken into consideration, otherwise you may find yourself unmotivated, unproductive and dissatisfied.

Experience and research shows that four key factors talent, passion, market demand and the right institution – need to be considered before embarking on a course to acquire new skills.

Each person is blessed with different talents – some people are more logical, good at mathematics and solving problems, while others are artistic, able to draw or create music.

When choosing a career path, it is therefore essential to determine whether it is one that matches your innate talents before acquiring the necessary skills.

Passion is also hugely important in guiding you towards the right profession. Instead of asking “What skills should I learn?” as many people do, particularly high school students, the question should be: “What skills are right for me?”

Discovering your passions is crucial. When you find an area of interest, spend time doing something related to see if are truly passionate about it. This will be rewarding beyond expectation.

While many skills are currently required by investors in Cambodia, there are also those that are not needed. Therefore, research is required into market demands. You will need to look into the required skills that interest you and how they will benefit you in the future.

Your choice of institution is very important, with many having been established in the Kingdom’s rapidly growing education sector. While this offers students numerous options, it can also bring challenges in selecting the right school.

Students need additional skills to enter a competitive market. Photo supplied

Therefore, careful study is required before selecting a place of learning. You should carefully review all the information available, including the skills being taught and the standard of teaching. The quality of the education available can be ascertained through former students.

Studying is a long-term investment – it can take many years to complete a course. It is therefore crucial to seriously consider your talents and passions, and thoroughly assess the market before carrying out research to ensure you choose the right school, one that is internationally recognised and has high standards of teaching.

CamEd Business School provides training in finance, accounting and auditing skills in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

The institute is recognised by the Ministry of Education Youth and Sport, the Ministry of Economy and the international Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), which is recognised in 183 countries across the world.

CamEd’s accounting and financial education programmes are recognised by the CFA Institute University Affiliation Programme, and have also been accredited by the Asean University Network.

It has been awarded ISO 9001:2015 Certification of the Quality Management System by the UK-registered Guardian Independent Certification.

With experienced international professors, recognised in the US, UK, Singapore and the Philippines, among many other countries, students will get an excellent educational experience and a professional experience.

Graduate having gained full knowledge, and the professionalism, soft skills and work ethics required for a career working both locally and internationally, with well-known global institutions such as PwC, KPMG, Deloitte, and Ernst and Young.