In today’s volatile economic climate, accounting and finance professionals with a range of abilities have the best chance of success in the market.

The CamEd Business School has for more than 20 years produced first-rate students and highly respected professionals by empowering them with specialist skills to serve in Cambodia’s emerging financial sector.

The success of CamEd has been built on a simple belief – that the quality of the programmes offered by the institution is only as good as the calibre of its academic and teaching staff.

And this has been fundamental to the recruitment policy at CamEd, where as well as providing internationally recognised academic qualifications, the course lecturers appointed are also evaluated on the merits of their past employment experiences at both public and private organisations.

It is this philosophy that has made CamEd the popular choice for students wishing to graduate with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification, a Certificate in Accounting Technicians (CAT) or a diploma in Cambodian Tax and Cambodian Business Law.

All of the professional qualifications offered by CamEd are much coveted by corporate employers in both domestic and international markets.

The ACCA course at CamEd provides students with comprehensive knowledge, professional skills and practical training in areas of accounting, auditing, business law, finance, performance management, taxation and more.

To graduate with a globally recognised ACCA qualification, students are required to complete a 13-module programme.

Each module is conducted over six months, with students attending three learning hours per week in preparation for the final examinations on completion of the module.

Upon finishing the programme after an average of four and a half to five years of study, graduates are awarded with membership into ACCA.

ACCA is a professional accounting qualification accredited by the London-based international body of the same name that allows for successful graduates to work in any sector in any industry, anywhere in the world.

Past graduates of the programme have gone on to become senior, top and even founding management executives at leading corporations around the world.

In addition to the ACCA, CamEd also offers students the opportunity to pursue a professional career in the accounting, banking and financial sectors with the CAT vocational qualification programme.

CAT is a medium-term course covering nine modules over two years focused on developing accounting, auditing and financial skills. The qualification is recognised by the “Big Four” multinational accounting and professional services firms of PwC, KPMG, Deloitte and Ernst & Young.

“When I started my learning journey as an undergraduate at CamEd, I knew very little about accounting and finance practices.

“With structured academic, technical and practical training lessons delivered by dedicated experienced lecturers, I was able to develop into a respected auditor at an international firm.

“The invaluable education and training that I received at CamEd was pivotal in contributing towards the development of my career,” said KPMG audit assistant Meang Khoek Chhou, a former CamEd student.

To complement its professional accounting qualification programmes, CamEd is offering Cambodian Tax and Cambodian Business Law diploma courses. These short-term professional courses are also internationally accredited by ACCA and are ideally suited for local accounting and business industry professionals.

The syllabus for the CamEd Cambodian Tax diploma is independently reviewed by leading accounting and tax services firm KPMG, with examinations held following four months of extensive study and training.

The course focuses specifically on Cambodian tax and covers essential topics such as taxation law, income tax, withholding tax, value added tax, tax refunds, profit tax,import and export tax, and tax evasion.

It is recommended as a bridging course for taxation officers, auditors, consultants, agencies and accountants as part of their continuing educational efforts to remain at the forefront in their sphere of expertise.

Cambodia Business Law is an exam-based course programme independently prepared by leading local and international legal authorities.

The syllabus covers key topics such as contract, labour and property law, corporate governance and the formation of companies.

Coursework is conducted over five months, which is followed by an examination at the end of the study and training period.