Last year, 96 per cent of the 313 CamEd Business School students who majored in a Bachelor of Accounting and Finance were employed within days of their graduation, while the remaining four per cent joined their family businesses or furthered

their studies.

For fresh graduates to be so quickly employed in a tight labour market is an impressive record for CamEd.

The figures reveal two interesting results – the growing demand in the financial sector for talented personnel and CamEd’s ability to produce quality graduates for the accounting profession.

CamEd’s graduates are easily absorbed by Cambodia’s fast-expanding banks, investment firms and big accounting players such as PwC, KPMG, Deloitte and Ernst & Young – which offer great perks and opportunities for further career advancement.

“At CamEd, every year we get better and better in teaching accounting and finance. This has become our biggest advantage – our real strength – and we bring great value to students. So this is the direction we are taking,” CamEd president Casey Barnett told The Post.

For the past 20 years, CamEd – established in 2000 – has continuously produced top-notch graduates in the fields of finance and accounting.

Accounting has become a much sought after career in the Kingdom.

The Bachelor of Accounting and Finance is one of CamEd’s most popular courses, as are the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification and the Certificate in Accounting Technicians (CAT). These professional courses help open doors for an exciting career in the world of accounting and finance.

“I think a lot of young people now aspire to be successful in business, and accounting really is a strong foundation. When you have a foundation in accounting you can work in any business because they all need accounting.

“The Bachelor of Accounting and Finance remains very much key to developing the Cambodian economy,” Barnett said.

The Bachelor of Accounting and Finance (Honours) is an accredited four-year degree. At the same time, students can pursue an international CAT qualification and may continue on the ACCA programme.

These benchmark international qualifications and comply with the requirements of the International Federation of Accountants, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, and the Cambodian National Qualification Framework.

These courses provide a strong foundation in the field of accounting, which helps graduates grasp the complexities of the financial world.

“Everyone is in business to make profits, and you can’t really know your profits unless you have a proper accounting system – particularly when your business starts to grow.

“When you have a small business it is not such a problem – you can estimate your income and expenses.

“But as your business grows, the only way to properly manage your profits, expenditure and budgeting – and do so in a sustainable manner – is to have a strong accounting system,” Barnett said.

Staffed with professional lecturers from around the globe, CamEd offers premium quality education that suits the needs of the current financial market in the Kingdom.