In a welcome display of international cooperation, Cambodian Princess Norodom Jenna has been formally invited to collaborate with Millennium Media, one of Hollywood’s prominent independent film companies.

The exclusive proposal encompasses a tour of European studios, along with an opportunity to participate in an international film project.

Princess Jenna says her dedication to elevating Cambodia’s creativity onto the global stage is unwavering.

“I am committed to showcasing the prestige of Khmer cultural art to the world,” she said in a recent social media post.

The young princess, renowned for her diverse talents as an artist, actress, singer, dancer, model and ambassador for various international brands, is poised to bring Khmer traditional artistry to the international scene.

Her commitment to promoting the country’s rich heritage has led to yet another milestone in her career – a collaboration with Nu Boyana Film Studios, which is owned by Millennium Media.

She highlights the esteemed position held by Nu Boyana, one of the world’s “largest and most influential” film production companies.

The studio boasts an impressive portfolio of 400 films, featuring iconic titles such as The Expendables, Hellboy, Hitman, Angel Has Fallen, Tesla, Black Dahlia, Loving Pablo and The Mechanic, among others.

“Many respected actors, including Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham, Orlando Bloom, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, Antonio Banderas, Penelope Cruz and numerous others, place their trust in the team and choose to star in their movies,” she said.

‘Distinct honour’

In an exciting turn of events, Princess Jenna is also set to grace a private concert at Nu Boyana, where she will share the stage with international artists.

“I will perform with many global talents such as Ckay [one of the top streaming artists], GIMS [a popular French singer], Neta Barzilai [a recent Eurovision winner] and Michele Morrone [from the main cast of the Netflix series 365 Days],” she said.

The star-studded gala is destined to be a memorable evening that transcends borders while celebrating the magic of art and culture.

The princess extended her heartfelt gratitude to Gael Bonnel Sanchez, a producer and leader at Nu Boyana.

“I must mention that he serves as manager of Miss Bulgaria 2023, where I will have the distinct honour of performing as a special guest, and appearing as a judge,” she said.

Sanchez, a well-known entertainment entrepreneur, has a background that includes working at Endemol, a global leader in audiovisual production, and owner of the renowned Miss France pageant.

His journey has led him to establish groundbreaking brands and ultimately assume a leadership role at Nu Boyana.

An exclusive announcement from Film Forge Media introduced their latest production, a captivating reality show titled Runway Reels: Fashion on Film.

The enthralling series comprises 15 episodes, and will culminate in a grand fashion extravaganza and concert scheduled for September 9.

Adding even more celebrity power to this already stellar event will be the presence of Cambodian royalty. As a singer, the princess will grace the stage during the grand finale.

The film studio also extended a warm invitation to Prince Narithipong Norodom and Princess Bophary Norodom.

Princess Jenna has over 857,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel. Through her artistic endeavours, she continues in her quest to enhance the Kingdom’s global reputation and promote its customs and legacy.

“I aim to shed light on our nation’s prestige, the richness of Khmer culture . . . In this endeavour, I sincerely hope for the unwavering support of all citizens,” she said.

And the excitement doesn’t end with Princess Jenna – her elder sister, Princess Norodom Emma, has left her mark as a talented international model, further contributing to the A-list glamour of the occasion.

Both sisters will also serve on the competition jury for the Miss Bulgaria pageant, on September 10.

Princess Jenna is well-positioned to make her mark in the K-pop world, with her YouTube channel already having a massive online following.

Often compared to Blackpink’s Lisa – Thailand’s Lalisa Manobal – the princess released her single You Da One in 2022, showcasing her singing prowess.

She’s already a burgeoning pop star in Cambodia, and her royal background adds a unique twist to her K-pop aspirations.