Sou Sophy, a budding solo artist and advocate for environmental conservation, has made a significant impact through her artistic pursuits.

With 22 group exhibitions under her belt, she has showcased her artworks to a wide audience. In 2010, she held her first solo exhibition titled Weeds at the Sa Sa Art Projects Gallery, which featured handmade papers made from rice straw and sugarcane fibres.

In her latest artwork, Sophy has embraced the use of recycled paper to create animal images. This unique technique, known as “high relief sculpture,” adds depth and texture to her creations, making them visually engaging. Her dedication to honing her skills led her to become an instructor, where she shared her love for art with children.

Sophy’s passion for art has taken her beyond Cambodia’s borders. She has exhibited her artworks in various cities in Cambodia and has also participated in international exhibitions in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and France. This international exposure has allowed her to reach a broader audience and share her message of environmental awareness.

Aside from her artistic pursuits, Sophy is a versatile creative professional. She has authored, designed, and illustrated children’s books, showcasing her talent in multiple artistic domains. Her ultimate dream is to establish a drawing school that fosters creativity and provides opportunities for aspiring artists to flourish.

Nicolaus Mesterharm, the founder of the Cambodian-German cultural centre, Meta House, recognizes the underlying message in Sophy’s artwork. He emphasizes that the works presented in her exhibition, titled Trap of Life, shed light on the impact of human actions on the environment. These actions contribute to climate change, soil erosion, poor air quality, and contaminated water. Sophy aims to raise awareness and collaborate with NGOs working in environmental conservation.

The Trap of Life exhibition at Meta House is expected to be both thought-provoking and visually stunning.

Through her unique artistic expression, Sophy invites viewers to reflect on their own environmental impact and consider the importance of responsible waste management and conservation efforts.

The exhibition opens on June 6th and will run until June 25th, providing visitors with an opportunity to engage with and appreciate the interconnectedness of life and the environment.