The coming new year will see Peth Yoeung – a locally-owned, award-winning healthtech platform – further carry through in its commitment to improving the quality of health services in Cambodia with innovative new technologies, its co-founder has said.

Peth Yoeung’s Bin Socheat said the plataform has already prepared a strategic plan for 2023, focusing on technological innovations to serve health service providers.

“In 2023 we will be adding more digital services – such as for reminding patients about doctor’s appointments, taking medicine or going for blood tests – to the Peth Yoeung App, as well as establishing health information agencies in various communities,” he said.

Socheat, who is also a business management consultant, said Peth Yoeung had in the past year developed a range of new digital health systems to provide modern, innovative and convenient digital solutions for both health services providers and patients in Cambodia.

Peth Yoeung is a health services operating system that provides solutions for public and private hospitals and clinics to assist in keeping medical records, patient management, quality assurance for treatment and operational management services.

He said that for the new year, it has prepared the necessary groundwork to strengthen its services and be even more competitive in the market.

According to a Peth Yoeung report, the app – which has almost 30,000 general users – has already helped its clinic and hospital partners maintain digital treatment records for more than three million Cambodians.

“With technology helping solve health problems by making access to health services easier than ever, we hope to get support from the Ministry of Health and expertise from a range of stakeholders, and importantly the support of the public,” Socheat said.

The “Peth Yoeung” app – which is recognised by the Ministry of Health – has won a number of national and international competitions, such as the Startup Award for Promoting Gender Equality in Health Technology and Corporate Social Responsibility.

It has also been recognised at internationals including in the US in 2021 and 2022, Japan and Singapore in 2021, and Switzerland in 2019, and received an award from the Cambodian Ministry of Post and Telecommunications in March 2019.