A large number of businesses were shuttered during the Covid-19 pandemic, while others saw the quit period as a time to re-gather their resources and prepare to meet the demands of​the inevitable economic recovery.

One such business owner was Battambang’s Sam Borin, whose company Nem Yeung manufacture frozen nem – individual wrapped pouches of spiced fish or meat – in a range of flavours.

“We started our business in 2016, but in terms of operating on a full-fledged scale, it was only during the pandemic that we began to prepare for increased production. As soon as the economy recovered, we were ready to supply vendors,” he explained.

He said his six production facilities can produce up to 1,500 packages a day, although daily orders are usually closer to 700. He wholesales to almost the entire country, and his products are stocked in supermarkets and mart chains like Lucky, Chip Mong, Tela, Caltex and Total Circle-K.

“One of the reasons that our products are so popular is because our manufacturing and packaging processes are designed to meet the highest hygiene standards. This means that internationally owed chain stores and franchises have no hesitation in stocking our products,” he added.

Nem Yeung sells three main products: a pure fish nem, a pure pork nem, and one made with a mix of the two.

The company uses only the highest quality ingredients, said Borin, who claimed that not only are his products delicious, but safe for consumers, as can be evidenced by the use of strict expiry dates on each individual package.

He explained that his nem can be frozen for up to 90 days before the taste becomes sour.

Borin also detailed his plans for the future, saying he wants to gain more market share and expand his production capacity.