The Bophana Center is set to host a remarkable new photographic exhibition. Titled "Cambodia's Birds”, it showcases the extensive work of Suy Senglim, a passionate conservationist who has spent over a decade documenting the Kingdom’s avian wildlife.

The exhibition, which will run from May 16 to June 30, promises to be a visual feast for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

For more than ten years, Senglim has been on a mission to capture the rich avian biodiversity of Cambodia. 

“Over the years, I have photographed 28 species of bird, meticulously documenting their habitats and behaviours,” he explains.

A collage of some of Senglim's photographs which will be featured in the 'Birds of Cambodia' exhibition, set to open at the Bophana Center on May 16. Suy Senglim

This long-term project, driven by Senglim's personal dedication – and financial resources – forms the backbone of the Birds of Cambodia Education & Conservation (BCEC), a group that maintains a healthy social media presence.

“I have documented birds since March 2012. It's not just about the birds but about biodiversity, especially when it comes to the birds' habitats and their ecological significance," he says.

Senglim stands in one of the Kingdom's wetlands, awaiting the perfect shot of a bird in its natural habitat. At his own expense, he has been documenting Cambodian wildlife for over ten years. Supplied

Founded in March 2012, BCEC aims to foster a deeper appreciation for Cambodia's natural heritage. 

Through the organisation, Senglim seeks to engage and educate the Cambodian public, particularly the young, about the importance of wildlife conservation. 

His work includes comprehensive research and he has plans to publish a Khmer-language book on the Kingdom’s birds and wildlife to make environmental knowledge more accessible to local residents.

The exhibition at the Bophana Center will display stunning photographs of Cambodia's avifauna, many of which are rarely seen by the public. 

A collage of some of Senglim's photographs which will be featured in the 'Birds of Cambodia' exhibition, set to open at the Bophana Center on May 16. Suy Senglim

These images not only highlight the beauty of the birds but also emphasise the need for their conservation. 

“The aim of BCEC, as well as the exhibition, is to raise awareness about birds and wildlife species and to engage with Cambodians about the importance of loving their natural heritage and wildlife. This will happen through pictures taken in different parts of Cambodia, as well as its neighbouring countries,” said a social media post by the Bophana Center.

“In addition, the images from the event will be compiled into book form, and will be distributed to libraries and educational institutions in the near future,” it added.

Visitors to the exhibition also have the opportunity to attend an environmental talk by Suy Senglim himself. 

Scheduled for the opening day on May 16 at 6.00pm, his talk will cover various topics including bird ecology, habitat characteristics and conservation efforts. 

Senglim will also share insights into wildlife photography, providing tips on capturing animals in their natural habitats and understanding their behaviours.

A tranquil scene from deep in one of the Kingdom's ancient forests. Suy Senglim