Dai Ku Design, a local print and digital ad agency based in Siem Reap province, is seeking donations of school supplies and clothing for over 300 students at Ou Primary School in Siem Reap ’s Chi Kraeng district. Many of these students’ parents have gone to Thailand for work.

Mao Yin, a volunteer with Dai Ku’s outreach and fundraising team, said public donations will support the education of underprivileged children in Chi Kraeng district’s Khvav commune.

Most live with their grandparents, who struggle to afford school supplies, he said, adding that donations of books, pens, pencils or other school materials, as well as money, used bags and clothing are welcome.

Volunteers will assess the children’s family situations and identify schools in need before distributing the materials.

“We engage in this without compensation or assistance. Our goal is to raise funds to enable children to access education on par with their peers and to inspire them to excel academically,” she said.

In addition to donations, the team offers support to students to motivate them to persist in their studies.

“Individuals can make donations through November 30,” she stated.

For Siem Reap residents wishing to donate, the team will arrange collection, while interested people in the capital and provinces, the team will facilitate collection service. Alternatively, people may reach out to them by phone on 010 784 455.

Yin said there will be a donation ceremony on December 9, a day dedicated to expressing affection towards children.

Ly Bunna, director of the Siem Reap provincial education department, said that people’s participation will help children pursue their studies.

“I have no objection, as long as their call is for the benefit of the students and the community. We agree to support it, but we must ensure they do not exploit this opportunity for other purposes,” he said.

He added that donations assist in fulfilling the community’s requirements and recommended that donors consider the community’s needs.