A true author is not motivated by money, but by a desire to share their knowledge or passion. Sou Savoeun is a leading example of this ethos. His passion, for sales and marketing, has led him to author several works on the subject.

One thing that sets him apart from the current horde of self-help “gurus” on the market are his original thoughts. Unlike many other writers in his field, Savoeun does not rely on translating foreign works, but composes his own.

“When we write from scratch in Khmer, the quality of the writing is superior to a translation. While translating foreign books is an excellent way to share universal knowledge, writing in Khmer makes it possible to form a far stronger connection with the reader,” he said.

“There is a shared identity that we all have, based on our national culture. Using that connection to offer real-world examples and experiences makes them resonate more with my readers. The best way to grow our economy is to base it on real knowledge and real skills, and we can express these better in our native tongue,” he added.

In addition to being a published author, Savoeun is also the co-founder and director of the K Asia company, a human resources and sales training consultancy firm. In addition, he is an in-demand public speaker who is often invited to address corporate workshops and conferences.

He explained why he felt the need to commit his thoughts to paper.

“Any experience, whether good or bad, is an opportunity to learn a lesson. If we can share the lessons we learn with others, we will help them to grow. Learning is the key to self-improvement, so the more shared experience and knowledge people exchange, the more they will grow. This is what drives me,” he said.

“In my opinion, sharing the lessons we have learn with others helps to cultivate analysis and cultivate understanding, and this inspires curiosity. As we share them, we refine them, and this is an excellent way to organise our thoughts,” he added.

He offered an idea of how he collects his bold ideas.

“I really enjoy meeting up with people and having impassioned conversations over coffee. Nearly everyone you meet knows at least one thing you don’t, so it is important to absorb what other people are saying. I am often surprised how a small anecdote I hear can blossom into a powerful concept once it is analysed and discussed in detail,” he said.

He is a keen supporter of the revival of Khmer literature, and is pleased that the scene is becoming so vibrant.

“A country with many authors will always be rich in ideas, experiences and innovative ways of working, and this can only ever be positive for the socio-economic status of any society,” he said.

“I appreciate the government’s efforts to create a positive literary environment and revitalise the field of writing. I know many people – from students who just graduated from grade 12 to retirees – who place an extraordinarily high value on reading and writing,” he added.

Sou Savoeun has so far composed seven books: The Path of the Strong Man, Choosing the Right Path, Helping Yourself, 365 Days of the Creative Mind, Sales Techniques and The Art of Sales.

“I wrote the last two – Sales Techniques and the Art of Sales – about my own personal experiences. I hoped that the lessons I learned would be helpful to business owners, entrepreneurs and employees alike,” he explained.

His earlier works dealt with personal development, including personality, attitude, self-leadership and learning to understand oneself.

“To me, writing means trying to improve oneself – as well as society –through the sharing of knowledge and practical experience. It takes a certain amount of sacrifice to commit oneself to the path of an author. Because of my passion, I have missed out on many fun nights out. If I can make even a tiny difference, it will have all been worth it,” he said.