Japan has contributed $220,000 to the archives of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC), commonly known as the Khmer Rouge tribunal. The ECCC closed its final case last year.

In a January 27 press release, the Japanese embassy in Phnom Penh said the funding was approved by the Japanese government on January 15. It is intended to ensure that the ECCC could pass on its legacy to the next generations and to inform the public of the importance of the achievements of the Khmer Rouge tribunal.

The ECCC played a key role in ending the entire peace process in Cambodia, seeking justice for the victims of the genocidal Khmer Rouge regime and strengthening the rule of law in Cambodia, it added.

The Japanese government has assisted the ECCC from the very beginning, and is its largest contributor. With this latest contribution, Japan has provided financial assistance exceeding $88 million, representing approximately 27 per cent of the total contributions to the court.

Japan, along with France, as Co-Chairs of the Friends of the ECCC, actively monitored the tribunal's proceedings.