Two academies from Cambodia and China are holding an eight-day China-ASEAN Excellent Youth Summer Camp (CAEYSC) 2023 in China’s Henan province.

This follows a May 18 memorandum of understanding (MOU) between the Royal Academy of Cambodia’s (RAC) International Relations Institue (IRI) and the School of Political Science and Public Administration at Henan Normal University (HNU).

IRI director Kin Phea noted that CAEYSC is taking place for the first time from August 20 to 27, hosting 30 students.

“This camp will establish a firm foundation for future leaders to forge a network of trusted relationships and a platform for effective communication, deeper mutual understanding and close friendship. It can significantly enhance relations,” he told The Post on August 23.

The camp aims to foster mutual respect among China-ASEAN youth, encourage cultural exchanges and bolster relations through multidisciplinary arts, governance insights and diplomacy.

Zhao Yang, director of the HNU’s International Exchange Department, remarked at the camp’s opening ceremony that the university, celebrating its centenary this year, has cultivated partnerships with over 70 global institutions in countries including the US, Russia, Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Belarus, Japan and South Korea.

In the spirit of advancing cooperation between the university and IRI, the summer camp represents a new phase of their exchange programme and international collaboration.

“The camp features diverse activities showcasing the unique cultural traditions and heritage of the central lowland area. Amid this vibrant landscape, participants will partake in cultural and friendship excursions,” said Yang.

“I am confident that this summer camp, along with future cooperation, will facilitate the university in leveraging advanced teaching and research resources from ASEAN countries, thereby enhancing the quality of education and research,” he added.