The Chinese embassy in Phnom Penh has introduced a short video competition commemorating the 65th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two nations, as well as the China-Cambodia Friendship Year.

The competition aims to showcase the progress in bilateral relations, people-to-people exchanges and the vision of establishing a unified Cambodian-Chinese community.

Last week, the embassy disclosed the details of the competition, which focuses on Sino-Cambodian relations. The competition seeks to emphasise the amicable relationship between the two countries.

The embassy expressed its enthusiasm for “short videos covering the diplomatic ties, personal exchanges and the “community of common destiny” under the Belt and Road Initiative [BRI]”.

Participants are encouraged to post their videos on various social media platforms using the hashtag #GoldenIllumination. Official submissions should be emailed to [email protected] before August 23. Expert evaluations of the submissions will take place between August 24 and 25, with winners announced subsequently.

Chhort Bunthong, the head of the Culture, Education and Tourist Relations department at the Royal Academy of Cambodia (RAC), underlined the multifaceted nature of diplomatic relations, spanning social, political, economic and cultural aspects.

Bunthong highlighted that building robust relations between countries entails not only strengthening leadership levels but also engaging citizens through activities and forums that foster a conducive diplomatic atmosphere, such as the short video contest.

“The Chinese embassy has previously organised art and culture competitions. This competition focusing on the Sino-Cambodian relationship contributes to fostering a stable and profound bond between the two nations, exemplifying improved bilateral relations,” he stated.

He also commended the embassy for its initiative in involving the public, as it signifies a strategic approach to enhance bilateral relations. Bunthong suggested that the Cambodian embassy in Beijing adopt similar cultural initiatives.

The embassy outlined certain eligibility criteria: participants who entered the previous BRI Short Video Competition or other divisions’ contests are ineligible. Winning entries may be utilised as promotional materials for public and non-profit activities.