In a landmark announcement that marks the end of an era in Cambodian politics, long-serving Prime Minister Hun Sen has confirmed that he will not retain his position in the next government. Instead, his son Hun Manet will succeed him, a seismic change set to occur in the coming weeks.

This revelation came during a special live broadcast to the nation on the afternoon of July 26. Hun Sen's surprising decision was revealed subsequent to a meeting with King Norodom Sihamoni.

"My son is not inheriting this role without a legitimate process," Hun Sen reassured the nation. "He has participated in the election as a lawmaker candidate, a fundamental step in our democratic system."

Looking to his own future, the outgoing prime minister sketched out his post-leadership plans.

"I will maintain my presidency of the ruling party and remain a member of parliament," he noted.

"Furthermore, upon my departure from the Cabinet, the King has offered to appoint me as head of the Royal Advisory Council," he added.

Hun Sen is also slated to fill the shoes of the retiring Senate President Say Chhum. However, he emphasised the importance of respecting the boundaries of power in his new role.

"Although I will replace Senate President Say Chhum, it's crucial to understand that I will not intrude into the responsibilities of the new prime minister," he declared.

This commitment underscores a distinct separation of power, hinting at a potentially new political dynamic in the coming era of Cambodian politics.