Vice-President of the Laos National Assembly Khambai Damlat, who is also head of the Cambodia-Laos Association, requested that Cambodia’s National Assembly president Heng Samrin continue his support for the activities of the association in the two countries to improve the efficiency of work in enhancing people-to-people relationships from the top on down to the grassroots level.

Damlat met Heng Samrin on the afternoon of September 15 while Samrin was leading a senior delegation on an official visit to Laos.

Khambai Damlat said he placed a high value on the visit and that it had further deepened the bonds of traditional and long-standing friendship between the parties, states and the peoples of the two countries.

He also briefed Samrin on the activities and cooperation between the associations, saying that to strengthen people-to-people relationships from the top to the grassroots levels the Cambodia-Laos Association has now established branches in two provinces bordering Cambodia to make it easier for people to communicate through festivals, programmes, sports and trade.

Samrin also commended the results of the work of the association, saying that the Cambodia-Laos Association is a key player in contributing to connections and cooperation between the two nations and peoples.

He said he supported the activities of the association,which contributed to maintaining peace, solidarity and socio-economic development. He also encouraged the association to continue strengthening and expanding their cooperation in the best interests of the two nations.