Prime Minister Hun Sen, president of the Cambodian People’s Party (CPP), on May 21 issued a message calling on the public to vote for the ruling political party’s candidates in the June 5 commune council elections, highlighting the positive changes that have come from the current five-year mandate.

The parties contesting the vote on May 21 officially kicked off the campaign season, ending June 3, presenting their policies and plans to the public to earn their support on polling day.

In his message, Hun Sen underscored that the CPP journey has been met with a slew of obstacles and hardships in the 43 years since the fall of the Khmer Rouge, saying that the party has led the country in the “right direction” and made “great achievements”.

He said that during the 2017-2022 mandate, the communes witnessed many positive changes, such as improvements in safety and livelihoods, the rooting of democratic principles in the community, and greater respect and protection of the rights and freedom of the people.

“As the commune council election campaigns kick off on Sunday, May 21 … I would like our people – who have witnessed the activities, achievements and the right policies of the CPP – to vote for the CPP.”

“The CPP and I, personally, are committed to effectively enforce our policies; maintain peace, security, order and safety within society; promote public service; increase social security for the poor and the vulnerable; develop communes in all areas; and be responsive to the wishes and interests of all community members,” the premier said.