The Medical Council of Cambodia held the 13th annual Medical Education Day on November 20 to provide medical workers with new knowledge and experiences in order to more effectively develop the health sector, according to the Siem Reap Provincial Information Department.

Medical specialists and experienced medical professionals gave presentations to share their experiences and knowledge with participants, while also reminding health care workers to work professionally and ethically.

Director of the Siem Reap Provincial Health Department Kros Sarath said that on Medical Education Day, doctors gain knowledge, learn new theories and hear about other’s experiences to benefit them in their daily treating patients via public and private health services.

He added that the doctors get a better understanding of issues surrounding medical ethics and the law on regulations for health professionals and that the number of participants in Medical Education Day events has continued to increase yearly.

“We mark this Medical Education Day to provide an opportunity for all doctors to expand their knowledge on a regular basis, study regularly and apply this knowledge in the treatment of people with respect to professional ethics and the law on regulations on health professionals,” he said.

Kros Sarath asked that both Cambodian and foreign doctors continue to properly register with the Medical Council of Cambodia to avoid violating the law on regulation of health professionals in Cambodia.

Uy Chanthol, chairman of the Siem Reap provincial medical council, said that that Medical Education Day was of importance in discussing the positive and negative points of the Medical Council.

“Unlicensed doctors remain a problem that needs to be addressed. This problem requires the participation of all relevant parties, including local authorities, police, the health department and the judiciary, in order to take measures to get rid of them,” he said.

“All doctors should consider their own abilities when treating serious illnesses and when necessary refer patients to better equipped places as soon as possible to reduce risks,” he continued.

Chanthol said that when a patient dies at a consulting room or a clinic, the medical council visits there to check whether the doctor and clinic are operating legally and have the proper qualifications in order to determine whether the patient had died of a serious medical condition or if they died due to a doctor’s technical error.

The Medical Council of Cambodia said that as of November, 2022 a total of 848 Cambodian and foreign doctors had registered as members of the Siem Reap Provincial Medical Council.

Over the past month, the Medical Council of Cambodia has also held Medical Education Day events in Banteay Meanchey, Pursat and Svay Rieng provinces.