The government has granted financial aid worth over 16.8 billion riel ($4 million) to nearly 40,000 women who have recently given birth.

Moreover, in just the first three weeks of August, an additional two billion riel was distributed to expectant mothers and toddlers under 2.

Heng Sophan Narith, deputy director-general and spokesperson for the National Social Security Fund (NSSF), confirmed these figures on August 21.

Between January 1 and August 21, the NSSF recorded 2,750 prenatal and 1,100 postpartum check-ups. Furthermore, 754 infants under 2 were vaccinated, and 3,227 women welcomed 3,241 newborns.

“During this period, we’ve disbursed subsidies exceeding 16 billion riel to 39,947 women. These women brought 40,223 children into the world,” Narith said.

In addition to supporting mothers and infants, the NSSF has been active in healthcare, covering 46,991 cases from both private and public sectors. They spent 83.8 billion riel on these services.

“These cash subsidies and myriad benefits illustrate our government’s commitment to enhancing the welfare of our people, especially the workers, through our recently introduced policies,” Narith added.

Narith further emphasised that the current cash assistance policy will persist under the new government.

“Even under the new prime minister, we’re unwavering in our pledge to continue programmes and assistance for pregnant women and children under 2,” he assured.