The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport has released the overall results of this year’s grade 12 high school examinations and announced that nearly 100,000 candidates have passed the exam, or about 72 per cent of the total number of candidates.

More than 1,600 candidates earned A grades.

“According to our figures, 98,460 candidates, or about 72.89 per cent have passed the exams. A total of 1,673 candidates earned A grades, with 6,964 achieving B grades, 18,308 being awarded C grade candidates, 34,246 D grades and 37,269 E grades,” it said.

A total of 137,412 candidates (73,278 of them female) took the exams. There were 227 examination centres with 5,543 rooms. A total of 2,328 candidates (934 of them female), or about 1.69 per cent, were absent from the exams.

The education ministry announced that individual results were available to candidates from Phnom Penh and Kandal provinces from 3pm on November 23, with the result for all remaining provinces available on November 24.