The Ministry of Public Works and Transport and the Australian embassy in Phnom Penh recently teamed up to host a workshop focusing on pavement design specifications.

Presided over by new public works minister Peng Ponea and Australian ambassador Justin Whyatt, the August 28 workshop aimed to review earlier efforts and exchange insights on designing and constructing road infrastructure.

This initiative aims to modernise design guidelines for the construction of bridges, roads and sewage systems.

This effort will draw upon technical knowledge from the Partnerships for Infrastructure (P4I) programme, as well as AustRoads, an association representing transport agencies from Australia and New Zealand.

Whyatt conveyed that Australia continues to be keen on enhancing its collaboration with Cambodia, particularly in areas like wastewater management, logistics and cold chain supply.

“Recognising the new government’s clear policies and strategies, the Australian government is optimistic about strengthening our cooperation, particularly in road infrastructure,” said Whyatt.

Ponea expressed his gratitude to the Australian government and the ambassador for their ongoing support.

“I’m confident that the collaboration between our two countries, particularly in road infrastructure, will drive development in a way that aligns with our Pentagonal Strategy-Phase 1, which focuses on five key areas: people, roads, water, electricity and technology,” he said.

Ponea also asked for Australia’s continued support in several crucial areas.

He sought further study on the feasibility of investments aimed at developing infrastructure and urban sanitation.

Additionally, he stressed the need for work on technical standard documents and the building of institutional capacity to address key challenges and future developments for the nation.